Welcome to my website! I’m your host, Ryan, and I’m here to spread some light into the world or something inspirational like that. I’m a storyteller, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. Generally I use this space to share me stories and other nonsense that I post when I’m not having an existential crisis. My dream was to write books for a living, but since then I’ve found my home with lyrics and guitar riffs. This space almost hit the graveyard, but I decided that maybe I should let it live, at least for one more year.

If you want to see my current projects, click here. My most recent posts can be found below, check them out!

The Annual Playlists

mixtape2019The Ryan Awards 2019
Welcome one and all to the Ryan Music Awards for 2019, as well as the showcasing of my playlist for 2019! If you haven’t been following my Twitter, I’ve been posting my top 5 listens every week for the first half of the year. Continue reading…

DSC_1057Mixtape 2018
I’ve always said that if you understand my relationship with music, you’ll uncover the deepest, darkest parts of me. Well, I’ve never actually said it and it’s definitely not true but whatever, it sounds cool and makes me seem all dark and mysterious… Continue reading…

Recent Posts

notredameThe Notre-Dame Burns, Billionaires Write Cheques
When tragedy strikes the world, millionaires and billionaires have a single strategy; fight it with an open wallet. Unfortunately, that same approach hasn’t translated to long-term world problems. Take the tragic fire of the Notre Dame. Continue reading…


How Chester Bennington’s Death Impacted As It Is’ New Album
Pop-Punk/Rock band As It Is recently released their third studio album, The Great Depression. Throughout the album, they deal with heavy themes of depression, suicide and the rise of sadness in our modern world. Continue reading…


The Devil in his Eye
It was my first day of school and I was excited. Even though I hadn’t been to kindergarten or pre-school, I was excited. Going to school looked so fun on TV, so I was pumped.
As Mum dropped me off, she gave me a kiss goodbye. Continue reading…