You’re Not Alone

Yeah I know I haven’t posted anything in ages and the last thing I posted was a dig at the catholic church, not a real story at all. For those of you who are out of the loop, May is mental health awareness month. That makes it the perfect time for me to reflect on my own mental health, as well as focusing on *insert name of secret project* (hint: it’s music related). Since I haven’t done anything for my non-existent fan base in a while, here it is, my playlist for Mental Health Awareness month.

This playlist is a reminder to myself that I’m not alone and neither are you. Sometimes life can feel like a fucking burden and all you feel is pain, but thankfully, that doesn’t last forever. All of the songs on this playlist come from different angles and perspectives, but they all touch on mental health in some way.

Optional Reading: My favourite line in every song

I Can’t Help It… – Between You & Me

“My existence is pointless like an unread book left on the shelf”

Nowadays – Valleyheart

“I want to love something more than I love myself, I want to kill this need to be somebody else”

Half – PVRIS

“Never wanted to be here now, one foot in the grave, other on the ground”

Keeper – With Confidence

“And I’ve been thinking, that I’m so lost, I’m slowly sinking, out on my own, into my thinking”

Better Off Dead – Sleeping With Sirens

“Maybe I’m better off dead, if I was, would it finally be enough, to shut out all those voices in my head?”

Bulls In The Bronx – Pierce The Veil

“Please don’t take this out on me, ’cause you’re the only thing that’s keeping me alive”

Lost Cause – Secrets

“I wasn’t meant for making it but I’m not the type to call it quits” “I feel invested in stress like it’s all I have left”

Speak Slow – Stand Atlantic

“I’m up and down, I want the taste of what’s left in between”

Demons – Against the Current

“It seems so obvious that I should put an end to this, but demons take control, like toxins in my soul”

Missing You – All Time Low

“Your sweet suburban tomb” “Paint the walls black and scream ‘fuck the world! ‘Cause it’s my life and I’m gonna take it back'”

Daylily – Movements

“I think it’s time you had a pink cloud summer”

The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry) – As It Is

“Just forget about the hole beneath your skin, that’s swallowing the best of you with it”

Noises – Pale Waves

“Is this me? Tell me who I can be, I look at myself, see what I hate, create an illusion to melt ya’ brain”

Silver Tongues – I The Mighty, Tilian

“And never again will I spend all the precious time that I have left, on those who oppose anyone doing what they love”

Okay – As It Is

“I don’t know if I’ve been worse, I don’t know if I can change, but right now, I don’t think, I don’t think that I’m okay”

Voices – Against The Current

“My head’s chained down by the voices, it’s looking like they want war again, their weapon of choice is a poison, made up of all the words you said”

Joyless – Castlefield

“I’m a god damn mess, but I swear I’ll get better in time, in your eyes, I’m still doing just fine”

Awful Ever After – Hot Milk

“I wrote another song about you, but God knows I didn’t want to”

Fake Happy – Paramore

“Oh please, don’t ask me how I’ve been, don’t make me play pretend, oh no, oh what’s the use? Oh please, I bet everybody here is fake happy too”

From The Outside – Real Friends

“Swallowing the feeling, counting cracks across the ceiling, never reached the depths of them before”

Voldemort – With Confidence

“And I will try to hold you up, through those times when you are gone, despite the weather, it gets better, you won’t do this alone”

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